Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer

Nick Wulczyn

Building Department Clerk: Brisa Casas

Town Board Liaison: Councilwoman Wykoff

Please see Document Center for all forms and applications.

Building permits are required for new construction, additions, alterations, decks, pools, garages, fireplaces, wood stoves etc. Please see our “What Requires a Building Permit” pamphlet for more details.

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Certificates of Occupancy/Compliance are required upon completion for all permits.

The Building Inspector is responsible for ensuring work sites are inspected and that all work performed is in compliance with New York State Codes, Federal Guidelines and the Town of Rosendale Code.

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Fire Marshal

Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines serves as the Fire Marshal for the Town of Rosendale. He is responsible for the enforcement of codes and ordinances that directly impact the appearance and public welfare of the community. He is responsible for residential and commercial fire/safety inspections, burn permits and enforcement procedures.


The Fire Marshall administers and enforces all of the provisions of laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to fire prevention and fire safety within the Town of Rosendale. The Fire Marshall has the power to recommend to the Town Board the adoption of rules to secure the intent and purposes of the Rosendale Code and a proper enforcement of the laws, ordinances and regulations governing fire prevention and fire safety.

The Fire Marshall receives applications and issues permits in accordance with the Rosendale Code and examines premises and sites for which applications have been issued for the purpose of insuring compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations governing fire prevention and fire safety. The Fire Marshall has the authority to promulgate the content of the applications and conditions of the permits.

The Fire Marshall may require the performance of tests in the field by experienced, professional persons or by accredited and authoritative testing laboratories or service bureaus by agencies whenever necessary or appropriate to assure compliance with provision of applicable laws, ordinances and regulations covering fire prevention and fire safety.

Burn Permits Require 24 hour notice

Residents are reminded that ALL OPEN BURNING within the Town requires a Burn Permit, which can be secured by contacting the Fire Marshal at 658-3159.

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The Town of Rosendale’s Fire Fighting Team is made up of the following Fire Departments:

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opens in a new windowBloomington Fire Department

opens in a new windowHigh Falls Fire Department

opens in a new windowRosendale Fire Department

opens in a new windowTillson Fire Department

Town Code:

The Town Code is Online here: opens in a new windowTown of Rosendale Code

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