Transfer Station

George Glass – Solid Waste Attendant

Connor Craig – Solid Waste Attendant

Town Board Liaison: Councilman Hassett

When a Holidays fall on Monday, the Transfer Station will be CLOSED the following Tuesday.

The Rosendale Transfer station operates a Recycling Center and Trash Collection Facility. A permit is required to utilize the Transfer Station. Permits are available for purchase at either the Transfer Station or the Town Clerk’s Office. Vehicle registration information is required at the time of purchase.

Transfer Station Fee Schedule effective 02.02.2022


To Purchase Permits/Coupons at the Transfer Station:
Cash or Checks ONLY, No Credit Cards Accepted

To Purchase Permits/Coupons at the Town Clerk’s Office:
Cash, Checks or Credit Cards(Service fee will be applied) Accepted

Yearly Permit Fees

Full Residential Permit  $  40.00
Limited Residential Permit (everything but household garbage) $  30.00
Lost Permit, Second Permit, or Changed Permit $   5.00
Non-Resident Permit $  60.00
One Day Pass $  10.00
Non-Resident 1 Day Pass $  20.00


Coupon Books

Punch Card $  20.00

Disposal Fees

If materials are wet the price will double as we pay by weight

Kitchen Size bag of trash $   2.00
30 gallon bag of trash $   4.00
40 gallon bag of trash $   5.00
40 gallon bag of debris $   6.00
40 or more gallon bag price to be determined on sight Based upon weight
Cubic yard of Trash $  50.00
C & D of roofing shingles or sheet rock per yard $100.00
Cubic yard of Wood $  50.00
Antifreeze (per gallon) $   1.00
Oil ( per gallon ) $   1.00
Car batteries $   1.00
Propane tanks (camping size) $   1.00
Propane tanks (20 gallon) $   5.00
Propane tanks (100 gallon) $  10.00
Refrigerators / De-Humidifiers / Air-Conditioners $  20.00
Floor Coverings, Carpets, Rugs (if padding additional $ 10.00) $  10.00
Twin Size Mattress or Springs $    6.00
Full Size Mattress or Springs $    8.00
Queen Size Mattress or Springs $  12.00
King Size Mattress or Springs $  15.00
Upholstered Furniture (chairs) $    5.00
Upholstered Furniture (love seats) $  10.00
Upholstered Furniture (couches) $  15.00
Upholstered Furniture (sofa beds) $  20.00
Brush (truckload) $   5.00
Brush (dump truck) $  10.00
Grass and leaves (truckload) $    5.00
Grass and leaves (dump truck) $  10.00


(Fees are subject to change based on changes in our disposal fees)

Size Off Rim On Rim
16″ or less $  6.00 $  7.00
Tires over 16” will not be accepted

All permits are for one year only.

All Recycling Laws must be observed.

A one day pass is required when using another vehicle other than those registered for a permit.

One Day pass is available for purchase at the Transfer Station.

Items to Be Recycled at Transfer Station

Used Motor Oil ~ Waste Mail (including wrapping paper – no shiny or glitter) ~ Magazines ~ Plastic & Tin (all bottles that have “necks” / both ends removed) ~ Glass (no ceramic, windows, window glass, headlights, light bulbs or mirrors) ~ Newspaper ~ Cardboard (including cereal & tissue boxes, brown paper bags) ~ Aluminum ~ Copper ~ Brass

The following free electronics can be taken to UCRRA – 999 Flatbush Road, Kingston

Monitors Terminals Typewriters Printers Scanners
Cables TV’s
Copy Machines Modems Telephones VCR’s DVD’s
CRT’s Stereo’s
Radio’s CPU’s Keyboards Fax Machines Tape Recorders
Compact Disc Players
Answering Machines Video Game Players

Please be respectful of our employees.

The Town has the option of rescinding the permit of anyone who disrespects our employees.

More Information

Office Address:

414 Whiteport Road
Kingston, New York 12401
(Located in the Town of Rosendale)

Mailing Address:

1915 Lucas Avenue
Cottekill, NY 12419


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30 3:10 P.M.

Wednesdays - 11:30 A.M. to 3:10P.M.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

In Observance of Presidents Day