In An Emergency Please Dial 911

Police Chief: Scott Schaffrick

Clerk: Peggy Dingman (845) 658-3159 ext 0

Town Board Liaison: Councilman Havranek

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The Rosendale Police Department is dedicated to providing professional police services to the citizens of the Town of Rosendale. Working in a partnership with our community, together we will work to maintain order, protect life and property, and prevent crime within our community. We will serve our citizens with respect, fairness, and compassion as we maintain the highest levels of professionalism. We should consider it our duty and privilege to protect our residents from not only the criminal element but to protect and defend their guaranteed rights as defined by law.

“To Protect and Serve, With Community First”

The uniformed officers are responsible for patrolling the 21 square miles of the Town of Rosendale that encompasses the hamlets of Binnewater, Bloomington, Bruceville, Cottekill, Creeklocks, Hickory Bush, High Falls, Kallop Corners, Lawrenceville, LeFever Falls, Maple Hill, Rosendale, Tillson, and Whiteport. In addition to our normal calls for service, members of the Rosendale Police Department respond to medical emergencies and fire department dispatches.

Please remember to use 911 during emergencies only. For all other information and police inquiries contact the Police Department, at 845-658-9000.

If you are in need of a report, please contact our Records Clerk Peggy Dingman, 845-658-3159, ext. 0 Monday thru Friday between 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m and should you need to contact an individual officer listen to the sub prompts to choose from. Our mailing address is Rosendale Police Department, Rondout Municipal Center, 1915 Lucas Avenue, Cottekill, N.Y. 12419

The Rosendale Police Department has initiated its Operation Locate Program. The program was designed to assist in locating lost children. Any child under the age of 10 can have a picture ID made. This ID then can be carried on his/her person. In the event he/she becomes lost or disoriented the ID will have an assigned number and anyone coming in contact can call the Rosendale Police. The Police Department can then notify the parent or guardian. This program can also assist Seniors or persons who have medical conditions. For more information contact the Police Department at 658-3159 during business hours.

More Information

Office Location:
1915 Lucas Avenue
Cottekill, NY 12419

Contact Info

(845) 658-3159 Ext  0 Option 3
[email protected]

for non-emergency issues: (845) 658-9000