Robert Gallagher, Superintendent

Deputy Superintendent: Dorene Whitaker

Town Board Liaison: Councilman Havranek

Please see Document Center for all forms and applications.

January 1, 2021 the following fees will be in effect:
Street Reports $125.00
Driveway Permits $150.00

Anyone who operates vehicles on Town roads rely on the Highway Department to keep them moving. The Town of Rosendale Highway Department maintains more than 70 miles of roadway. In addition, hundred of catch basins and culverts are maintained. The Highway Department assists in the removal of trees that have fallen in severe weather. Every spring the Highway Department schedules a town wide sweeping of roads, and in the winter there’s plenty of plowing. Residents should remember to follow all local ordinances with regards to parking on town roads and at no time should snow from your driveway be pushed or blown onto town roads.

In the event of any emergency or problem needed to be addressed IMMEDIATELY please call the Police Department at (845)658-9000

The Town’s Highway Department is responsible for 70 lane miles of town owned roads. A crew of 9 men, under the direction of the Superintendent handle many important job duties to carry out their main concern for our township….THE SAFETY OF ALL ROADWAYS.

Some, but not all, of the Highway Department’s jobs are culvert pipe replacement, maintenance and replacement of storm drains, blacktopping, snow plowing and sanding. Some of their other projects run the gamut from maintenance and replacement of guardrails, grass, brush and tree cutting on town right-of-ways to clearing and maintenance work on properties and buildings within flood control areas.

The Highway Department also is responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of all town buildings and grounds—including repairs when deemed necessary. Throughout April and May, the department also sweeps the roadways of any winter debris and salts from winter storms and performs a continuous spring and summer mowing of road right-of-ways to maintain the visibility for both safety and aesthetical purposes.

This department’s responsibilities are many, and all townsfolk should be quite proud that we have a Highway Department that works with such integrity to keep our roadways safe and beautiful!

Residential Driveway Permit Requirements

Residential Driveway Permit Aplication

PLEASE NOTE: the following roads are under service and maintenance by the Ulster County Highways and Bridges and NOT THE TOWN. If you need service on any of the following roadways please contact: David Sheeley at the Ulster County Highway Dept. 317 Shamrock Lane Kingston, N.Y. 12401 (845) 340-3100 or 340-3131 and ask for either John Lukaszewski-Fields Operations Manager or John Kouhout-Section Supervisor:

Binnewater Road (County Rt. #7)
Breezy Hill Road (County Rt. #26)
Cottekill Road (County Rt. 28)
Creek Locks Road (County Rt. 25)
DeWitt Mills Road (County Rt. 28)
DeWitt Lake Road (County Rt. 28)
Elting Road (County Rt. 7)
Kallop Road (County Rt. 26)
Keator Avenue (County Rt. 7)
Lucas Avenue (County Rt.1)
Main Street – Bloomington (County Rt. 25A)
Sawdust Avenue (County Rt. 26)
Springtown Road (County Rt. 7)

PLEASE NOTE: The following roads are under the direction of the New York State Department of Transportation (at 11 Quarry St. Kingston, New York 12401). For any concerns relating to these roads please call either Keith Savoury – Resident Engineer or Tom Story – Assistant Resident Engineer at 331-5533 or 331-5535

State Route 32
State Route 213 (Main Street)

PLEASE NOTE: The following roads are Privately Owned Roads within the Town of Rosendale and begin at either Town (TN), County (CO), Private(PVT) or State (ST) owned roads:

August Hill Lane – (CO) Binnewater Road

Italiani Road – (TN) Constable Lane
Sheeley Drive – (TN) Winchell Lane

Hills Lane – (CO) Cottekill Rd.

Tylers Lane – (CO) Lucas Avenue

Hickory Bush/Whiteport
Mountain Lake Manor Road – (TN) Hickory Bush Road
Krastin Drive – (TN) Hickory Bush Road

High Falls
Anderson Drive – (ST) Route 213
Dutch Barn Drive – (ST) Route 213
Hillcrest Lane – (TN) Mountain Road
Kathy’s Lane – (TN) Mossy Brook Road
Ledge Top Lane – (TN) Mountain Road
Roman Drive – (TN) JFKennedy Lane
Schoonmaker Road – (TN) Swelha Hill Road
Strawberry Bank Road – (ST) Route 213
Walnut Lane – (TN) Mountain Road

Maple Hill
Alberts Way – (ST) Route 32 North

Caponero Lane – (CO) Creek Locks Road
Cottage Lane – (CO) Elting Road
Creekside Lane – (ST) Route 213 West
Deerhaven Drive – (CO) Creek Locks Rd.
Fischer Avenue – (TN) Dellay Avenue
Henry Street – (ST) Route 32
Romanus Street Extension – (TN) Romanus Street
Rose Street – (ST) Route 32
Shady Lane – (TN) Bloomington Road
Simon Lane – (CO) Elting Road
Terrace Lane – (CO) Kallop Road
Villa Bianco Lane – (CO) Creek Locks Road

Ali-Way – (PVT) Cereus Way
Cereus Way – (CO) Springtown Road
Davis Road – (TN) Longyear Avenue
Dogwood Lane – (TN) River Road
Eddy Lane – (PVT) Old Canaan Road
Guiliano Drive – (TN) Gristmill Road
Martins Lane – (TN) River Road
Nature’s Drive – (CO) Springtown Road
Old Canaan Road – (CO) Springtown Road
Overlook Road Extension – (TN) Mountain View Road
Riverview Drive – (TN) River Road
Shale Bank Road – (PVT) Old Canaan Road
Waterside Lane – (TN) River Road

More Information

Office Address

518/520 Lefever Falls Road
Rosendale, New York 12472

Mailing Address:

1915 Lucas Avenue
Cottekill, NY 12419

Contact Info

Phone: 845-658-9851
Fax: 845-658-3406

[email protected]

Clerk: Dorene Whitaker
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Office Hours:

Open Monday-Friday 6:30 a.m-3:00 p.m.
Voicemail available after hours.