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Dog Control

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The Dog Control Officer enforces the appropriate provisions of the Agriculture and Markets Law, with respect to dogs, in the Town of Rosendale and to enforce the Code of the Town of Rosendale regarding dogs. The Dog Control Officer may seize any dog which is found to be in violation of any portion of the Rosendale Code as well as any dogs otherwise required to be seized under and by virtue of the Agriculture and Markets Law of the State of New York.

All complaints concerning alleged violations of the Rosendale Code shall be communicated to the Dog Control Officer. All such complaints shall be investigated, and it shall be the duty of the Dog Control Officer, in the appropriate case, to proceed with civil or criminal enforcement any provisions of law regarding dogs.

Dog Warden can be reached at the same phone #(845)389-2205.

Lost Dogs

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Available for Adoption

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As per Local Law No. 5 of 1998 of the Town of Rosendale dogs are prohibited from being unleashed on property open to the public. Dogs are also prohibited from defecation or urinating upon public property or upon the premises of any person other than the owner of such dog.

Failure to comply may result in a fine of not less than $100.00. Each occurrence shall constitute a separate offense.

Dog Adoption

Prospective adopters are given the dog of their choice for a trial period of one (1) week to ten (10) days to see if the animal is compatible.

If the dog is found to be compatible then the adoption form is completed and the necessary fees are paid to the town.

Daily Kennel Operations

Due to Covid-19, The Town will remain in contract with the SPCA as long as Matilda’s Law is in effect, the Dog Warden can be reached at the same phone #(845)389-2205.

Dog(s) are given food and water twice a day.
At the same time the dog(s) runs and exercise area are cleaned and (weather permitting) sanitized.
The stalls are cleaned and bedding replaced as needed.
Dog(s) are exercised & trained.
New dogs to the kennel are examined and quarantined to protect other dogs in the kennel. Medical care is obtained if needed.
When a dog leaves the kennel the stall and run that has been used is cleaned, sanitized and the bedding disposed of.

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