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09-24 2020 |

Please note that the Rosendale Town Hall is still closed to the public until further notice, there is a lock box and bin outside of the Town Clerk’s Office for picking up or dropping off items. If you must do business in person you can only do so by making an appointment with the appropriate department. Most offices can be reached Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm by phone (845) 658-3159 or email. For extensions and emails please see below:

Supervisor’s Office: ext. 3
supervisor@townofrosendale.comcreate new email, info@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Town Clerk’s Office: ext. 2
townclerk@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Building Department: ext.4
buildinginspector@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Planning/Zoning Department: ext.6
planningzoning@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Water/Sewer Department: ext.2
watersewerclerk@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Assessor’s Office: ext. 1
assessor@townofrosendale.comcreate new email, assessorclerk@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Youth Department: (845)658-8982
youth@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Highway Department: (845) 658-9851
Clerk: Available by phone or email Monday-Thursday 7:00am-12:00pm
highwayclerk@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Recreation Department: (845) 658-8198
Available by phone or email Monday-Thursday 12:30pm-3:00pm
recreation@townofrosendale.comcreate new email

Justice Court:
The Court Clerk’s hours vary. Please contact them at (845)658-3686.

Transfer Station: (845) 338-0113
Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30am-3:10pm.