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09-25 2020 |

Rosendale Police Reform Committee

Committee Members:

Jennifer Bliss (Chairman)

Ted Dixon (Vice Chairman)

Josh Baron (Secretary)

Dana Blackmon – Assistant District Attorney assigned to Rosendale

Marc Cassidy

David Clegg – Ulster County District Attorney

Terry Johnson

Jessieca McNabb

Scott Schaffrick – Rosendale Chief of Police

Richard Wright

Town Board Liaison: Councilwoman Wykoff

Police Commission Liaison: Councilman Igoe

Pursuant to Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order 203, The New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative, the Rosendale Town Board established the Rosendale Community Police Reform Committee at their regular August 2020 meeting. This committee of community stakeholders includes Rosendale residents of a variety of backgrounds, representatives from the town board, the police department, and the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office.

The committee has been meeting weekly to begin organizing and gathering necessary information and will develop a plan that reflects the needs of the community, and is working to identify improvement opportunities. The committee will hold public sessions over the next three months to hear the public’s concerns regarding trust, fairness and legitimacy as it relates to policing.

The State requires that the committee solicit input from other Rosendale residents. As such, an online community survey for Rosendale residents has been created which can be found here: opens in a new window along with a print and mail option. In addition, any Rosendale resident wishing to provide thoughts and insights, please send your comments to RosendalePoliceReformComments@gmail.comcreate new email or call 845 658 – 0245 to leave a confidential message.

Rosendale Community Police Reform Committee – FINAL Press Release opens in a new windowopens PDF file