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Rosendale Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes May 19, 2021

Present: Commissioners Fre Atlast, Kristina Carr, Kieran Liggan-Casey, Lisa Jerkowski, Reta Sorge; Recreation Clerk Dorene Whitaker.
Excused: Commissioner Dave Hattenbrun, Town Board Liason Ernest Klepeis.
Absent: Commissioner Frank Klepeis.
The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm.


Approval of Old Meeting Minutes:  R. Sorge moved to approve the minutes from the April 2021 meeting. Seconded by L. Jerkowski. All in favor.
Update on Rec Center Broadband: K. Carr reported that the Library has requested approval from the Supervisor for the E-rate proposal for improved Broadband, with the monthly cost reduced to about $50 per month. Estimates for equipment are still outstanding.


Pavilion rental: D. Whitaker reported that she has received many requests for rental of the Pavilion. Supervisor Walsh has approved rental of this facility with a limit of 100 attendees per event. Rental of the Rec Center building is still on hold.

Baseball field: D. Whitaker reported that fencing replacement has been completed on the parking lot and Route 32 sides of the baseball field. Estimates are being obtained for netting; once this is replaced, the field will be safe enough to rent out to adult groups again. An estimate has been requested for replacement of the dugout fencing.  In addition, community member Jack Walsh has volunteered to replace the electric box for the field, and to research new, efficient and effective night lighting.

Pool 2021 Season: D. Whitaker reported that all cashier positions have been filled. However, only 4 of 15 lifeguard positions have been filled.  2 local lifeguard training classes are still in session, which will hopefully provide us with applicants. Also, there is a possibility of increasing the lifeguard wage to attract more applicants. In terms of maintenance, the floors of the pool house are infested with mold, likely due to the building being closed during last season. Mold abatement will be professionally performed on June 2-4. Ceiling fans have been activated to help prevent this problem in the future. The pool itself will have cracks repaired, beginning this week, but in September bids will be requested for more major repairs and full re-painting.  It is anticipated that the pool will open on July 4. So far there has been no change in regulations from the Department of Health, so the season will begin with Covid restrictions as planned, with the option to expand if possible.

Playground: The group toured the playground. Most of it is in good repair. However, the zip line is missing (reportedly stolen), and full re-painting is needed. Most pressing is damage to several areas of decking which foam and tape repairs are no longer holding, and this is becoming a safety issue. D. Whitaker will research replacement decking.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

The next meeting will be June 16 at 7:15 pm in the Rec Center Pavilion.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kristina Carr, Chair