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March 17, 2021 | All Minutes

Rosendale Recreation Commission Meeting  Minutes

March 17, 2021

Present:  Commissioners Fre Atlast, Kristina Carr, Dave Hattenbrun, Frank Klepeis, Kieran Liggan-Casey, Reta Sorge; Recreation Clerk Dorene Whitaker; Town Board Liason Ernest Klepeis; Rosendale Pool Manager Ashley Kraus.

Absent:  Commissioner Lisa Jerkowski.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm.


  • Approval of Old Meeting Minutes:  R. Sorge moved to approve the minutes from the meeting of February  17, 2021. Seconded by F. Klepeis All in favor.
  • Proposal for improved Broadband at Rec Center: K. Carr reported that preliminary application has been made by  the Rosendale Library’s E-rate consultant, and RFPs have  been made. Preliminary information received late today  indicate that  monthly recurring rate would be around $50 with improved service, and that additional improved wi-fi  construction would cost around $4000, 80% which would be paid by e-rate.  However,  the new American Recovery Act includes lots of additional funding for E-rate to improve broadband, and it will take around 2 months to sort this out.  The Commission is pleased with this news, and looks forward to more specifics from the Library.
  • Pool House Generator: D. Whitaker reports that we are still awaiting  construction start date from the contractor, after the winter weather delay.


  • Municpal Center Playground: K. Liggan-Casey questions why much of the playground equipment at the RMC has been removed. E. Klepeis reports that older equipment was removed to make room for new pickleball courts.
  • Rec Center Playground: D. Whitaker reports that our playground is showing its age. Some equipment has rust spots and grit taping  on a bridge  is nearing the end of its life. The Ulster County Health Department inspects annually to ensure safety. However,  it is time to start thinking about renovation.  Possible funding sources were discussed , including fund drive, grant application  to New York State, or possible Pandemic relief funding.  We will tour the playground at next month’s meeting.
  • Request for Paviion Tai Chi classes: D. Whitaker  requests consideration of a request from the Ulster County Council on the Aging to hold Tai Chi classes for seniors in the Pavilion. This would be an 8-week series of 2 one-hour classes weekly, at 1:00 pm, beginning in April. These classes were held pre-pandemic indoors and went well. K. Carr moved that this program be allowed, with  the requirement of compliance with all New York State Covid Protocols  at the time of the event.  Seconded by R. Sorge, all in favor.  D.Whitaker will be present to ensure compliance.  At least 2 picnic tables are to remain in place to allow access from other members of the public. Fees are waived as the program benefits seniors, at no charge, and is sponsored by a not-for profit group.
  • Request for Pavilion Discussion Group: K. Carr presented a proposal from the Rosendale Library  to utilize the Pavilion  for a Reading and Discussion group  on “American Politics and Community Today”. This is supported by a grant from the Council on Humanities, will be led by Jeff Miller, Rosendale resident and SUNY professor, and will involve 6 sessions over 5 weeks.  K. Carr moved to allow the program, with the requirement of compliance with all NYS Covid Protocols at  the time of the event.  Seconded  by F. Atlast, all in favor. K, Carr volunteered to be present at the events to ensure compliance. Fees are waived as this is a no-fee event , sponsored by a non-profit organization.
  • Veterans Park clean-up: K.Carr mentioned that for several years she has cleaned the section of Main Street including the grassy area leading to the Route 32 Bridge, as well as the bridge and its handicapped ramp entrances, sweeping gravel and weeding.  Any volunteers to help are appreciated, and can call her anytime. F. Atlast mentioned that the Rosendale Street Festival Committee has adopted this section of road and may  help as well.
  • Pool Summer 2021: D.Whitaker and Ashley Kraus spoke on the work they have been doing to plan for opening the pool this summer. They believe it can be done, but  due to Health Department regulations there will be many restrictions. They are still working on the issues, which include time limitations on patrons, increased responsibilities  but reduced availability of lifeguards, management of required cleaning of the facility,  and how to allow access to groups such as the Swim team and Brookside School.  They will report back to us next month. The commission decided to keep admission rates unchanged from  last season.

There being no further business to discuss, F. Alast moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:35. Seconded by D. Hattenbrun, all in favor.

The next meeting will be April 21 at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristina Carr, Chair