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October 27, 2020 | All Minutes


Commissioners Supervisor Jeanne Walsh, Anthony Stenta, Joe Hafner


October 27, 2020 Police Commission Meeting

Rondout Municipal Center

2:33 p.m. Meeting called to Order

Pledge of Allegiance: Supervisor Walsh

PRESENT:  Commissioner Hafner, Commissioner Stenta, Chief Schaffrick, Supervisor Walsh (via Zoom), Councilman Matt Igoe (via Zoom), Mandy Donald


Supervisor Walsh made a motion to approve the minutes from September 22, 2020; 2nd by Commissioner Stenta.  Roll Vote: 3 yes.


Chief Schaffrick discussed the Accommodation/Complaint forms for the department. Chief Schaffrick shared a few emails that he had received about the officers and the Department.

Chief’s Report:

Vehicles:  7F364 was in an accident a few weeks ago and it was totaled out by the insurance company.  Chief Schaffrick is following up on the grant to get the new electric vehicle into service.  The rest of the vehicles are all fine.

Training:  All officers completed Cycle 3 training.  Three officers graduated from the Crisis Intervention Training and our department now has 5 officers who are trained in Crisis Intervention. Chief Schaffrick would like to get the rest of the officers trained in the spring or fall 2021.

Evaluations:  Chief Schaffrick is beginning the department evaluations.

Department Arrests/Use of Force:  Chief Schaffrick reported that there have been 4,725 Incidents/Calls to date, there are 182 cases to date, there have been 92 arrests to date.  For the month of September, there were 469 Incidents/Calls, 27 cases, and 13 arrests.  There were no “use of force” incidents this past month for September.

Jackets/Bulletproof Vests:  Chief Schaffrick stated that the department received new jackets.

The department has a partnership with the Department of Justice and the Justice Bureau which allows to replace the bulletproof vests every 5 years and it is a 50% matching. The department received from the Federal Government $1,700.00 for replacement vests for officers in service.

New Business:

Resignation:  Nicholas Lent submitted his resignation effective October 26, 2020.  Supervisor Walsh made a motion to accept the resignation of Nicholas Lent, 2nd by Commissioner Stenta.  Roll Vote:  3 Yes.

Transfer:  Supervisor Walsh made a motion to transfer Gary Wells from part time to full time to fill Nicholas Lent’s position effective October 26, 2020; 2nd by Commissioner Hafner.  Roll Vote:  3 Yes

Hires:  Chief Schaffrick would like to hire Anthony LaRocca to attend Phase 2 of the Police Academy. Supervisor Walsh made a motion to hire Anthony LaRocca to attend Phase 2; 2nd by Commissioner Stenta. Roll Vote:  3 Yes.

Chief Schaffrick conducted interviews a few weeks ago and has no recommendations to the Police Commission at this time.

Old Business:

Portables: The department received 3 portables for free about 10 years ago from the County.  Motorola repaired three of the control knobs recently.  Chief Schaffrick applied for a grant to receive an additional 4 to 5 new portables.

Station Computers:  Chief Schaffrick is looking to replace 2 of the station computers.

Server and body Worn cameras:  Chief Schaffrick has asked for quotes and will let the commission know and he stated that the server needs to be replaced before the body worn cameras are in service. Chief Schaffrick would forward the quotes to the Police Commission to review.

Councilman Igoe stated that the Police Reform Committee is the middle of the project and the public is invited for a meeting on November 5, 2020 and information will be posted about the meeting.  Councilman Igoe stated that the committee is on track to meet the deadlines by January, 2021.

Commissioner Hafner inquired about the first correspondence that the Chief read earlier regarding the person’s comment about the interactions with these officers are the first positive police interactions they ever had and was wondering if the Chief would reach out to that person and see if they had bad experiences with police and if was our agency they had bad experiences with.  After discussion, Commissioner Hafner is going to be following up with that individual.

Supervisor Walsh stated that a public hearing will be on November 4, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. for the Budget Meeting via Zoom/Facebook Live and the Police Department has a 0% increase.

Supervisor Walsh made a motion to adjourn at 3:02p.m.; 2nd by Commissioner Stenta. Roll Vote: 3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,


Peggy Dingman

Deputy Town Clerk