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04-01 2020 |

Hello Businesses,

SBA Webinar Schedule (1)

SBA Updates

The Small Business Owners Guide to the CARES Act10449 (1)

Above we have attached a copy of the upcoming SBA webinars with their registration codes, (click on column C). If clicking on the link does not automatically bring you to the site, copy and then paste the link into the web address box or call the number provided. Signing up for a Free Zoom account and entering the meeting number might be a choice as well.

We have attached a Small business Owners Guide to the CARES Act. This document will provide a summary and links to the Paycheck Protection Program, Emergency Economic Injury Grant, Small Business Debt Relief Program, and counseling services.

Also, is included a link to the US Chamber of Commerce site for Small Business Emergency loans information:

The US Chamber Site is full of other good information as well.

Below is the link for essential business designations from the Governor’s page. We ask that you check that site often as the Executive Orders have been changing daily and the most up to date information will always be on that website.

Lastly, we have attached some SBA updates specific to changes to the EIDL application process, and information on EIDL advances.