Building Inspector

Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer

Nicholas Wulczyn

1915 Lucas Avenue
Cottekill, New York 12419

Phone: 845-658-3159 ext. 4
Fax: 845-658-8744

Building permits are required for new construction, additions, alterations, decks, pools, garages, fireplaces, wood stoves etc.

Certificates of Occupancy are required upon completion for all structures.

The Building Inspector is responsible for ensuring work sites are inspected and that all work performed is in compliance with New York State Codes, Federal Guidelines and the Town of Rosendale Code.

2018 Approved Electrical Inspectors

Fire Marshal

Cory Wirthmann

Deputy Fire Marshal

Kevin Hines

1915 Lucas Avenue
Cottekill, New York 12414

Phone: 845-658-3159 ext. 7
Fax: 845-658-8744
Cell: 845-399-3402

Cory Wirthmann serves as the Fire Marshal and Kevin Hines serves as Deputy Fire Marshal for the Town of Rosendale. They are responsible for the enforcement of codes and ordinances that directly impact the appearance and public welfare of the community. They are responsible for field inspections and enforcement procedures.

Town Code:

The Town Code is Online here: Town of Rosendale Code