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03-23 2021 |



DATE                     –              March 23, 2021

CONTACT            –              MICHAEL DUNHAM – 845-687-7500 EXT 173


Assessors in Ulster County have been contacted by property owners who have

received letters from companies regarding their assessments.  These companies are offering

to assist property owners in reducing their assessments and taxes.  These companies will

collect a fee if they are successful in having the property owner’s assessment reduced.  In many

cases the taxes and assessment information indicated in the letter may not be correct.  We have

also seen instances where the inventory that these consultants are basing their information

is incorrect.

If a property owner has any questions regarding their assessment, we encourage property

owners to contact their assessor prior to entering into any agreements with any consultants.

We can review the inventory we have on file for your property and answer any questions you

may have regarding your assessment.  If there is a reduction in your assessment, you will see

the full benefits of any tax savings and you do not need to share any savings with any consultant.

If you do have questions regarding your assessment you should contact your local

assessor prior to the end of April.