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February 23, 2021 | All Minutes

Commissioners Supervisor Jeanne Walsh, Anthony Stenta, Joe Hafner

February 23, 2021 Police Commission Meeting
Rondout Municipal Center
2:36 p.m. Meeting called to Order
Pledge of Allegiance: Supervisor Walsh

PRESENT: Supervisor Walsh, Commissioner Hafner, Chief Schaffrick, Councilman Igoe, Commissioner Stenta (arrived late to meeting)

Commissioner Hafner made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 26, 2021 meeting. 2nd by Supervisor Walsh. Roll Vote: 2 Yes; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0; Absent: Commissioner Stenta.

Correspondence: Chief Schaffrick stated he received a letter regarding Officer Secreto thanking him for assisting an elderly resident to get registered for the COVID vaccination.

Chief’s Report:

Personnel: Chief Schaffrick stated that several officers have already received the COVID vaccination.
The office staff has not had any COVID related issues the last month with no leaves or exposures. This is the first month with no exposures, someone out on illness and we didn’t have to fog any of the cars because of an exposure.

Vehicles: The Tesla, which will be 7F364, continues to be worked on because they have had a few delays because of COVI D and they are trying to get the needed parts and it will hopefully be done in about 2 to 3 weeks. Chief Schaffrick is meeting the Patrol PC to get the computers in the car. 7F365 had camera issues and Chief Schaffrick was able to replace the camera at no cost. Since it is an aging system, Chief does not want to put any money into it since we will be using the body cameras. 7F363 the video unit is no longer good and Chief Schaffrick is trying to get another one cost free. Chief is looking to replace this vehicle by the end of the year.

Commissioner Stenta joined the meeting. Chief Schaffrick stated that since cash is no longer accepted on the New York State Thruway and soon the bridges, that the department and/or the Town needs to look into EZ Pass for its vehicles. 7F362 had its check engine light on and it was the catalytic convertor which is under warranty and is scheduled for repairs on Thursday.

Body Cameras: Chief Schaffrick received another quote today and now has a total of 5 quotes. Chief Schaffrick will meet with Supervisor Walsh to discuss. There have been problems with the upload speeds and there have been problems uploading files for discovery and hopefully they were taken care of today.

Grants: The Governor’s Traffic Safety Council received a grant and our department received another intoximeter for the officers to use in the field. Ulster County also received a grant to upgrade the radio system. The grant will include new portables in addition to the ones we have. Chief Schaffrick also talked to the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office and was notified that the State realized that departments had some expenditures for discovery had to be made for the new discovery laws. Chief Schaffrick is submitting a list of items that the department had to purchase and may be reimbursed for. Chief Schaffrick stated that the department had to purchase a high speed scanner, additional computer space on the server.

Records: The department is reorganizing the hard copy records which has not been done in 6 years.

Department Numbers: To date, there were 1125 calls for service; there are 24 cases, there were 15 arrests. For January and February there were 13 accidents to date.

Supervisor Walsh stated that the Rosendale Police Reform and Reinvention’s Draft report is on-line and that people had to submit comments by yesterday (2/22/2021). Commissioner Hafner stated that he reviewed the draft. Supervisor Walsh suggested that the Police Commission get together to review and make comments for the Town Board. Both Commissioners agreed to get together. There was a brief discussion on when members were available to meet and it was decided to meet on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

Supervisor Walsh made a motion to adjourn at 3:03 p.m. 2nd by Commissioner Stenta. Roll Vote: 3 Yes

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Dingman
Deputy Town Clerk