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August 19, 2020 | All Minutes

Present: Commissioners Kristina Carr, Lisa Jerkowski, Frank Klepeis, Kieran Liggan-Casey,
Reta Sorge; Recreation Clerk Dorene Whitaker, Town Board Liason Ernest Klepeis.
Excused: Commissioner Fre Atlast.
Absent: Dave Hattenbrun.

The meeting was called to order at 7:18 pm.


1. Old minutes: R. Sorge moved that the minutes from the meeting of July 15, 2020 be approved. Seconed by F. Klepeis. All in favor.

2. Street Fest concert proposal: K. Liggan-Casey announced that the Street Festival Committee has decided to not pursue auto-based concert in the Rec Center parking lot.


1. Rosendale Library Story Walk: The Library has submitted an application for use of Willow Kiln Park for a Story Walk. This is an oversized picture book, with pages mounted on yard signs to be read on a stroll. It is currently mounted at the path from the Binnewater Kiln Parking Lot to the Trestle. However, a change in location may be required if planned Rail Trail construction occurs. WVRT has already given permission. R. Sorge moved to approve installation at Willow Kiln Park if needed. Seconded by F. Klepeis. All in favor.

2. Rec Center Infrastructure: D. Whitaker reported on numerous projects to improve the Rec Center. Funding is available as the Town has not had the expense of the Pool this summer, though savings have been offset somewhat by loss of revenue from Rec Center event rentals.

  • Pavilion picnic tables have been painted a cheery blue and white. Baseball benches have also been painted. More painting is planned. Work is being done by Matt McCluskey, Youth Director, and Dorene Whitaker
  • The playground is open. Dorene is spraying with disinfectant every morning.
  • A sewer line from the Rec Center to the area near the Food Pantry became blocked with encroaching tree roots. Cost to replace pipe and remove nearby tree roots is $22,300.
  • Rec Center building generator is in need of repairs, estimated cost $5,00, awaiting parts. The Town is also getting bids for a separate generator for the Pool shower building. These power sources are essential for the Rec Center to function as an emergency center.
  • Fencing needs were prioritized by E. Klepeis and Dorene, and in September the playground fence, the ballfield first baseline fence, and netting along Route 32 will be replaced, cost $14,900.
  • Estimate to properly repair the tennis court surface has been requested from the company that repaired the City of Kingston courts at a reasonable price. Temporary fencing has been installed, but opening has been delayed as posts for the nets were damaged and replacements have been ordered.
  • *Tree pruning to removal dangerous limbs and trees throughout the Rec Center was recently done by the town Highway Department.
  • Electric bill remains quite high, about $1,000 monthly, though the facility is getting minimal use. Dorene is investigating whether other town facilities’ usage is being included in the Rec Center bill.
  • The pool needs some repairs. An estimate from a local pool contractor will be presented to the Town Board at the September meeting, current estimate is $8,000.
  • Surveillance cameras were not installed, and the serviceman has been unavailable since the Covid shutdown. Funding has now been shunted to other projects.

The Commissioners gave Dorene a round of applause in appreciation for all of her hard work!

3. Covid-19 Recreation Issues: Basketball is still not allowed by the NYS Department of
Rental of the Rec Center will not occur in the foreseeable future. The Pavilion is available for
recreational use, but the Town is not arranging rental or requesting fees.

4. Rosendale RUNS: L. Jerkowski reports that Rosendale RUNS has been cancelled for this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm. The next meeting will be September 16, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristina Carr, Chair