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05-13 2021 |

Dear Rosendale Water District User,

The condition of the Rosendale Water Districts Water Tower on Sand Hill & Brown Avenue has deteriorated considerably. Most notably, 2 large leaks have developed at an approximate 30 foot height along the side walls of the tank. This is preventing the Town from filling the tank to its high water level of 55 feet and therefore limiting its effective capacity, causing diminished system pressures and firefighting capacity throughout the Water District serviced by this tank.

This tank is beyond repair. We must replace the tank to restore full function of the water system and protect the health and safety of its users. The proposed project will replace this aging tank with a new glass-lined, bolted steel tank adjacent to the existing tank. The proposed glass liner will prevent the corrosion issues, which damaged the existing tank, from recurring. The proposed bolted steel exterior will ensure the tank is structurally sound. Glass-lined steel tanks have long service lives and low maintenance costs. The cost to replace this water tank is $2,070,000.

The Town of Rosendale will be submitting applications for Grant money to offset the additional debt to the District. In order to qualify for these Grants it is necessary to do a current Income Survey of the users. It is necessary to prove that this additional debt will be a hardship to the Water District users. An Income Survey will help the Town show the Grant Administrators that the income of the Water District users is below the New York State Median Household Income. If the Town can secure Grant funding for this project the debt to the users will be greatly reduced.

If you are a property owner with tenants, please pass this survey to them to fill out.

Please help us in achieving our goal to save you money by filling out the enclosed Survey and returning to us in the self-addressed stamped envelope as soon as possible.

I can be reached at 845-658-3159 x3 or if you have any further questions.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Jeanne L. Walsh
Town of Rosendale Supervisor