8/2/16 Update on Water Main Project

August 2, 2016


The Town of Rosendale Water District was awarded a combination of grants and zero-interest financing to make improvements to the Water District. One of the improvements slated for this summer is the replacement of the 100+ year old water main running under Main Street and the failed water line under the Keator Avenue Bridge. This is a much-needed infrastructure improvement that will help ensure a safe and secure water supply for Main Street residents and businesses.

The project has had some delays in getting started due to the addition of Keator Avenue Bridge water main replacement needing to be added to the scope of work. Special parts are needed to do the Bridge work and have been ordered. These items needed to be specially fabricated for the Bridge. We have been told to expect the work to begin on Main Street in mid-August; the work will begin on the bridge at the west end of Main Street on Monday August 8th.

No Road Closure: Main Street will be open to traffic. There will be flagmen to direct drivers around the work and signage will be placed at both ends of the street to inform drivers there is a work zone ahead.

Duration of work: The work is expected to take 4 months.

Impacts on water supply during construction: Temporary water lines will be set up to ensure a continued water supply to residents and businesses. There may be brief periods when the water is shut off temporarily, but these periods are not expected to exceed a few hours.

The roads and sidewalks will be restored when the work is completed. In addition, the crosswalks will be made compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

For information: Please check the Town of Rosendale website for project updates at townofrosendale.com, look under ProjectsWater System Improvement.

Letter to Main Street Residents 08.02.16