Governmental Organization

The Town was founded by an act of the New York State Legislature on October 23, 1844 and is comprised of the hamlets of Binnewater, Bloomington, Bruceville, Cottekill, Creeklocks, Hickory Bush, parts of High Falls, Lawrenceville, Lefevre Falls, Maple Hill, Rosendale, Tillson and Whiteport.

The Town is located in the County of Ulster, New York, which County is divided for local government purposes into twenty towns and the City of Kingston. In turn, some of such Towns contain incorporated villages established for purposes of providing certain municipal services and facilities to their residents. The Town is a political subdivision of the State having its own elected legislative body, the Town Board, pursuant to Constitutional provisions.

The Town Board consists of five members, the presiding officer of which is the Town Supervisor elected for a two-year term. The four additional members of the Town Board are elected for four years terms every two years. The Town Supervisor and the board members are elected at large.

The Supervisor is the chief executive officer of the Town. Additional Town officers are the Town Clerk, who is elected at large for a four-year term, the Receiver of Taxes, and the Superintendent of Highways who are elected at large for two-year terms and the Assessor, the Superintendent of the Water and Sewer Departments is appointed by the Town Board.

The Town provides various services to its residents including furnishing water and sewer facilities, building and maintaining Town highways and providing public safety through a police department. Fire protection is provided through separate entities, the various fire districts and voluntary fire organizations in the Town. Planning and financing of Town courts are provided by the Town. Regulation of building construction along with the usual municipal services of recreational facilities and street lighting are all Town functions.

The Town’s of Rosendale and Marbletown comprise the Ulster County Legislature’s District # 19. Rosendale is represented by the 19th Congressional District, the 42nd Senatorial District and the 103rd Assembly District.


Ulster County Sheriff    338-3640


New York State Police   338-1702


Hudson Valley Poison Control   1-800-336-6997


Benedictine Hospital   338-2500


Kingston Hospital   331-3131


Kingston City School District   339-3000


Rondout Valley Central School District   687-7631


New Paltz Central School District   255-1300


Nutrition Program   658-8110


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Board of Elections   334-5470


Rural Transportation   339-4910


United States Postal Service   1-800-275-8777

Bloomington   338-1314

Cottekill   687-7182

High Falls   687-4271

Rifton   658-8010

Rosendale   658-8084

Stone Ridge   687-4029

Tillson   658-8181