Hot! Railings on the Trestle

Those of you that use the rail trail regularly (or drive under the trestle) noticed the continued activity throughout the spring.  Contractors have been working on flipping the existing railroad ties (to provide for a wider and more stable base for the decking), and this past week, they began the installation of the railings.

The first two sections of railings have been transported to the trestle and were welded directly to the steel structure a few days ago. More sections of railings will be installed in the coming weeks, the plan is to have this part of the restoration done by the end of August. Once the railing installation is complete across the entire expanse of the trestle, the decking will be installed, and hopefully the bridge will be re-opened in late fall. Some of the other trestle work that is being done includes: stopping the erosion at the south end, and examining what is needed to design a pedestrian pathway to bring people into the heart of Rosendale.